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This turntable includes a Numark Groove Tool Cartridge/Needle.


Legendary Numark DJ performance meets USB digital-audio convenience and iPod portability in TTi. This pitch-adjustable, professional turntable not only enables DJs and music enthusiasts to play vinyl the old school, needle-on-wax way; it makes converting music to flexible digital formats a snap. The Universal Dock for iPod directly connects iPod and TTi, and a USB jack blasts digital audio straight into your Mac or PC’s iTunes music library.   

TTi's integrated line-level output allows quick, easy connection to any mixer for instant playback from your iPod or vinyl. Pitch control is included to enable adjustment of playback speed.

Included EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software (PC) converts your records quickly and easily, with automatic track separation. EZ Audio Converter (Mac) lets you easily enter track information manually.

Spin your favorite tracks on your iPod at the gym, jam out to a mix CD in your car, and then drop the needle on some classic analog at the club – all with TTi.

Numark TTi USB Turntable (USED)

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