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Lathe Cut Records

Lathe cut records are a unique form of vinyl records that are individually cut in real-time using a lathe machine. Unlike mass-produced vinyl records, they are meticulously crafted one at a time. Each groove is carefully etched onto the vinyl surface, making every record a truly one-of-a-kind musical masterpiece. These custom creations offer a personal and vintage touch to your fans' music collection providing a warm, analog sound.

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7", 10", 12"

The blanks we use are made from a specialized PETG that offers exceptional sound clarity and minimal surface noise. They are cut and polished for a professional smooth edge finish that is similar to pressed vinyl. We can cut 7", 10" or 12" records.


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Lathe Cut Records
by Bad Eyes Gallery

In this age of digital dominance, where convenience often trumps craftsmanship, there exists a realm of sonic excellence that harks back to the golden era of music – Lathe Cut Records. These aren't just vinyl; they are a testament to the artistry of sound, a celebration of individuality, and a rebellion against the uniformity of mass-produced pressed records. Every groove in a lathe cut record tells a story, and each note resonates with unparalleled richness.

The Art of Craftsmanship

At the heart of the Lathe Cut Records experience lies a meticulous craftsmanship that sets it apart from the standardized process of pressing records. While pressed records are manufactured in large quantities using molds, Lathe Cut Records are individually cut, sculpted with precision and care. Imagine your very own track being etched into vinyl with a delicate touch, each curve of the groove capturing the essence of the music in a truly unique way.

This individualized approach ensures that every Lathe Cut Record is a work of art, a bespoke creation that stands as a testament to the artisanal skill involved. The result is not just a record; it's a piece of music crafted exclusively for you, providing a connection between the artist and the listener that goes beyond the ordinary.

Sound Quality

One of the most distinctive features of Lathe Cut Records is the vintage sound quality they deliver. The grooves on a Lathe Cut Record are shallower than those on pressed records which results in a warm, rich sound that envelops the listener, creating a unique and immersive experience. It's not just about hearing the music; it's about feeling it, about being transported to a space where every instrument, every lyric, is vividly present. Like pressed records, the playback quality of Lathe Cut Records depends a lot on the quality of your turntable and your needle.

For the discerning audiophile, the technical specifications of Lathe Cut Records are a testament to their commitment to sonic excellence. The use of high-quality materials, including premium PETG and precision cutting equipment, ensures that every record we cut meets our high standards.

Take note - Our records are mixed, mastered, and cut in MONO, delivering an end product that is approximately 50%-60% of the dynamic presence of a pressed record depending on the quality of the source material.

Embracing Uniqueness

In a world of mass production, Lathe Cut Records stand out as a beacon of uniqueness. Each record is cut in real-time, meaning that no two copies are exactly alike. This exclusivity adds a layer of rarity to your collection, making each Lathe Cut Record a coveted gem for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The personalized touch extends beyond the music itself. Customization options, such as adding personalized etchings on the record, allow you to make each piece uniquely yours. Whether it's a limited edition release or a special gift, the individualized nature of Lathe Cut Records adds a personal dimension to the vinyl experience.

Rediscovering the Ritual

Owning a Lathe Cut Record is not just about having a physical representation of your music; it's about reviving the ritual of listening. In a world where digital playlists and streaming services dominate, the act of placing a needle on the vinyl and hearing the soft crackle before the music begins is a ritual that connects us to the soul of the music.

Lathe Cut Records bring back the tangible, the tactile – the feeling of holding a piece of art in your hands, flipping it to the B-side, and immersing yourself in a continuous, uninterrupted listening experience. It's a return to the essence of music as a tangible, immersive journey, an antidote to the fleeting nature of digital convenience.

Join the Vinyl Renaissance

In an era where music is often consumed as a digital stream, the resurgence of vinyl represents a return to the roots of the listening experience. Lathe Cut Records, with their artisanal craftsmanship and unique character, are at the forefront of this vinyl renaissance.

As you embark on this sonic journey, consider the difference between merely listening to music and truly experiencing it. Lathe Cut Records invite you to rediscover the joy of collecting, the thrill of uncovering hidden gems, and the satisfaction of owning a piece of music history.

Elevate your vinyl collection; embrace the authenticity, celebrate the uniqueness, and savor the richness of sound that only Lathe Cut Records can offer. It's not just about vinyl; it's about a rekindled love affair with music – an affair that promises to be as enduring as the timeless grooves etched into every Lathe Cut Record.

Additional Technical Information

The grooves on a lathe cut record are cut manually, meaning the drop of the cutting needle is done by hand. his means that auto-players will not always track the beggining grooves. We highly suggest manually placing the tonearm in the groove. For the same reason, our records are not guaranteed to work with jukeboxes, auto-return platers or turntables with cheap, non-weighted arms. Sometimes with lathe cut records, the playback needle isn't sitting right in the groove. If your record is sounding distorted, and it's impossinle to make out any musicial elements, give your needle a little nudge to sit down properly in the groove. This is a common occurence, and there is nothing wrong with your record. Increased tracking weight on the tonearm normally helps with distortion problems as well, and the needle will sit in the groove more readily. 

Lathe Cut Records 

7” Records - 1 song per side (or approximately 4.5-5.5 minutes per side)

10” Records – 1-2 songs per side (or approximately 6-7 minutes per side)

12” Records – 2-3 songs per side (or or approximately 8-11 minutes per side)

at 45rpm


We mix, master, setup, and test cut your songs or audio files before cutting them on a record. A one time setup fee per song or audio file applies to all size orders.  


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